A force multiplier for all fundraisers

CueBack provides talking points for your transactional fundraising, such as phonathons. For your relationship fundraising, we provide discovery and insights to help Major, Principal, and Planned Gift Officers develop personalized cultivation strategies.


Measure Willingness

CueBack’s AI engine utilizes hundreds of data points to generate a Willingness ScoreTM to better predict donors and donations.

Influence Willingness

Leverage academic research in cognitive science and social psychology to strengthen alumni identity and emotional connection between you and your alumni.

Convert Willingness

Learn what makes your prospects tick.
What they care about.
Who they care about.
Why they care.
Major, Principal, and Planned Gift Officers
Major, Principal, and
Planned Gift Officers
Annual Giving Fundraisers
Giving Fundraisers
Prospect Researchers
  • CueBack is a force multiplier for VPs

    CueBack is designed to help VPs create a culture of philanthropy by building connections between Advancement and other stakeholders (alumni relations, career services, recruiting, etc.), and get their buy-in.

    On CueBack, you can create life-long relationships with your alumni to build a scalable and predictable fundraising pipeline. To reduce the time-to-productivity for new gift officers and build institutional memory, supplement contact reports with a digital record of your prospects’ interests, connections, and behavior.

  • CueBack is a force multiplier for Major, Principal, and Planned Gift Officers

    CueBack is purpose-built to help with your low volume, high touch, and high value relationship fundraising by increasing the probability of a gift, gift size, and gifting velocity. Influence a prospect’s willingness to give by uncovering what they care about, who they care about, and why.

    Our Dynamic ConnectionsTM report maps relationships which can be leveraged to help you convert willingness to gifts. By automating the discovery process and uncovering actionable cultivation insights, CueBack enables your major gift officers to spend more time with more prospects.

    Using moves management strategies tailored to each alum, your institution can accelerate gifting velocity by moving high value prospects more quickly through the donor pipeline.

  • CueBack is a force multiplier for Annual Giving Fundraisers

    CueBack is a force multiplier for your high volume, low touch and low value transactional fundraising by increasing the probability of a pledge. Our platform provides personalized talking points to help your phonathon callers quickly establish trust and rapport with prospects.

  • CueBack is a force multiplier for Prospect Researchers

    CueBack’s predictive analytics model utilizes hundreds of quantitative and qualitative attributes to generate a dynamic Willingness ScoreTM for each prospect. CueBack goes beyond traditional capacity measurements to more accurately segment potential donors.


You Know Their Capacity, Do You Know Their Willingness to Give?

You can’t increase a prospect’s capacity to give, but you can increase their willingness to give.

  • Measuring Willingness. CueBack’s predictive analytics model utilizes hundreds of quantitative and qualitative attributes to generate a dynamic Willingness ScoreTM for each prospect. Our AI engine is customized to your institution and continuously improves through machine learning.
  • Strengthen Emotional Connection & Alumni Identity. An alum's alumni identity and emotional connection to your institution form the foundation of their willingness to give. These factors are critical to ensure that your institution is "top of mind and top of wallet" when alumni make their charitable decisions.
  • Optimize Resources. Analyze events by attendee capacity and willingness in order to allocate gift officer resources where they can have the greatest impact.

Personalized Cultivation Made Easier

CueBack gives gift officers game-changing qualitative information to convert willingness into gifts. Our numerous Cultivation ReportsTM go beyond data to provide actionable insights.

  • Uncover Prospect Interests. Understand each alum’s interests and priorities in order to increase support for campaigns, scholarships, and athletics.
  • Understand Prospect Motivations. Discover exactly how your institution impacted each alum’s professional and personal life, as well as which faculty members and staff changed their lives. Learn more
  • Leverage Prospect Influencers. Our Dynamic ConnectionsTM report not only lists who prospects are connected to, but also how they are connected as well as the relative strengths of those relationships. These connections provide valuable information for building a major gift pipeline and cultivating prospects.
  • Unlock Undiscoverable Insights. What do you know about a prospect you have never spoken to? Learn about your prospects from their network and friends.

Unreachable Alumni Can’t Give Back

On average, 10% of alumni data becomes inaccurate every year. We make sure that your data is up-to-date to prevent leakage in the donor pipeline.

  • Find Lost Alumni. How many of your alumni are out-of-touch? How many could be donors? Increase your potential donor pool by unleashing the power of crowdsourcing. Leverage your existing alumni network to improve the completeness and accuracy of your constituent database. Learn more
  • Uncover High Value Donors. You may be missing out on your most valuable donors. Contact data for older alumni is more likely to be lost because those alumni graduated in the pre-digital era, before CRM systems were invented.
  • Update Constituent Data. Have confidence that your data is always complete and up-to-date. Your CRM is automatically updated with affinity, contact, and other information when alumni edit their profiles.