8 Ways Social Engagement Can Benefit Your University: Part 2

Are you engaging with alumni for engagement’s sake, or is your strategy designed to actively increase alumni’s willingness to give back to the school?


8 Ways Social Engagement Can Benefit Your University: Part 1

Why is social engagement—a type of platform focused on privacy, meaningful interactions, and deep insights into alumni —the way of the future?


Increase Brand Equity by Activating Your Alumni Network

Want to increase your university's brand equity? The first step is to harness the knowledge and power of your alumni network.


A Strategic Approach to Alumni Engagement that Maximizes Impact

To cultivate impactful, long-term relationships with your alumni, you first need to understand each alum's unique needs.


Connecting with Alumni During COVID-19

Help your alumni overcome social isolation during the COVID-19. Learn how to foster meaningful connections using digital engagement.


7 Reasons Why You Need to Know the 90/9/1 Rule

The 90/9/1 rule shows that most alumni don’t engage with digital content. So how can universities overcome this limitation?


The Good Old Days: Remembering College Romance

Does Valentine’s Day bring back romantic memories from your college days? Join the conversation, and share them with us!


Should You Have a Print or Digital Alumni Magazine?

Do you have an alumni magazine? If so, is it digital or print? Keep reading to find out how to create a publication your alumni will truly treasure.


Ok Boomer

A viral tweet has revealed decades of generational controversy—but what's the psychology behind the conflict between young and old?


Go Beyond Engagement Scores

Engagement scores are an easy way to quantify alumni engagement, but they don't show the full picture.


Why the Facebook Epidemic Must Be Stopped

With the Facebook epidemic, users are being exploited to maximize the corporation's profits. Is it time for a new social media landscape?


How to Win the Most Important Game

What’s in a (team) name? To a football fan, a great deal. If you tell a die-hard Seattle Seahawks fan that their team’s performance is indistinguishable from that of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you will likely be accosted by an enraged fist or two.


Why Email Still Works for Alumni Relations & Development

Millennials don't use email: myth or fact? Read more to find out how old-fashioned marketing can help with Alumni Relations and Development.


Storytelling In Advancement Matters

Powerful narratives may be the key to meaningfully engaging your alumni. Find out how to implement them into your fundraising strategy.


Why Traditional Engagement Metrics Are No Longer Enough

Measuring engagement metrics through "likes" is easy, but actually understanding your alumni is not. Move into an insightful future and leave "likes" behind!

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