Insights on Arnie, our CEO

As a strong believer in the importance of the work that major gift officers do, I felt I could use my unique background to help them be more successful. Here’s a little more on me:

A major gift donor

I’ve been on the end of the major gift fundraising process – I know what it took to change what would have been a $5,000 donation into a six figure check. I know what went through my head. Seeing it from the donor’s side has given me insight into what’s really important when cultivating major donors.

Equivalent to a gift officer

I have decades of relationship-selling experience over long sales cycles, primarily multi-million dollar software to Wall Street financial institutions, global banks, and governments.

Equivalent to a VP of Advancement

I have experience managing teams of for-profit gift officer equivalents (relationship salespeople who work with prospects over many years in order to meet a quota).

Your target demographic

I’m also the target demographic for major, principal, and planned giving - a Baby Boomer. I don’t have to guess how that demographic likes to engage; I live it.

Adapting to Now

Changes in the fundraising industry

I believe that the fundraising industry is at an inflection point which is being accelerated by COVID-19. Fortunately, today’s technology can help in ways that weren’t possible even just a few years ago. There’s a reason though why I chose our slogan, AI with a Human Touch™. After almost three decades in Silicon Valley, I understand the tremendous things that technology can do – but I also know what it can't do. At the end of the day, only a human can develop deep relationships with a prospect and convert them into a realized donor.

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