How We Help

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Provide lifelong value to each alum with a personalized engagement platform where they can share memories, wisdom, and experience.

Personalize Your Engagement

Event Management

Our intuitive Event Management module simplifies the creation, promotion, and management of events.

Optimize Your Events

Large-Scale Discovery

Go far beyond scoring ‘likes' and ‘comments’. Provide your Major, Principal, and Planned Gift Officers with actionable cultivation insights about individual prospect donors.


Dynamic & Adaptable

Your alumni community will engage when they see value in doing so. Create a content asset of life-long value to your alumni while also giving them a dynamic social engagement experience that adapts to their professional and personal life stages.


Personalized & Interactive

Provide your alumni with a relevant and meaningful content and use tailored prompts to elicit authentic stories that add value to other alumni as well as serve multiple stakeholders.