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Alumni engagement with a purpose

Measure and Increase Engagement

To increase alumni engagement, you need to start at the individual level. Personalize each alum’s experience by showing them what they care about.

Provide Value to Alumni

Provide lifelong value for your alumni community by giving them a dynamic engagement experience that adapts to each stage of their professional and personal lives.

Foster Alumni-to-Student Relations

Each alum has a unique experience that students can learn from. Provide students and alumni a scalable mentoring experience with the ability to crowdsource insights and wisdom from experienced alumni.

Collect Impactful Alumni Stories

Leverage 1,000+ prompts tailored to your institution and specifically designed to elicit authentic alumni stories. Help your alumni reconnect, share their school pride, and showcase what binds them to their alma mater.

Alumni engagement

The future of engagement is mass personalization, not 'one-size-fits-all'. Our engagement solution automatically adapts over time to fine-tune content that is relevant to each alum's current stage of life.

Provide lifelong value to each alum with a personalized engagement experience where they can share memories and wisdom with students and their fellow alumni.

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Event management

Simplify the creation, promotion, and management of your events with an intuitive Event Management module that is designed to also help with your advancement goals.

Extensive interactive reports help you to exceed your attendance and financial goals with each event. All while automating processes to free up yout time.

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