The future of advancement

Your university competes with over 1.7 million worthy causes for your alumni’s charitable dollars. Moreover, megatrends such as declining participation rates, generational changes in attitudes towards giving, and tax code changes have a materially negative impact on fundraising. In an increasingly competitive and challenging fundraising environment, maintaining the status quo is not an option.

Bringing AI Into Advancement

As AI penetrates all industries, Advancement will be no exception. The top performing nonprofits and Advancement departments are already using AI to improve their returns on fundraising efforts. Now is the time to join them.

Why We Use AI

CueBack is at the forefront of applying AI to Advancement to maximize giving, minimize costs, and increase predictability. At its heart, Advancement faces similar challenges to any business. For this reason, Advancement departments can benefit from many of the new and exciting technologies used by other industries.

A new tool in the toolbox: predictive analytics

Predictive analytics uncovers patterns, trends, and associations hidden within all types of data to help predict future outcomes, solve problems and optimize decision-making. Predictive analytics can help distinguish low- vs. high-touch donors to allow Major, Principal, and Planned Gift Officers to focus on high-value donors. AI provides the insights required to help gift officers cultivate the deeply personal relationships that generate the largest financial returns for the university.

CueBack’s predictive analytics helps scale universities unlock a 360-degree view of their donors to:

  • Identify prospective donors and know who is likely to give, how much, and for what cause(s)

  • Attract high-value donors and increase contribution amounts

  • Reduce costs by optimizing resources, in turn improving efficiency of the overall Advancement operation

CueBack's AI Process

Make sense of your data

Align your existing donor information from your organization’s databases, spreadsheets, and social media with a single solution. CueBack merges your existing information with quantitative and qualitative data generated by your alumni on our engagement and event management applications. This gives you the ability to have a complete view of your alumni base as a whole, while also being able to drill down by each individual alum.

Predict behavior

CueBack's predictive model uses quantitative and qualitative data to segment and score prospects in order to predict the likelihood, size, and timing of donations.

Sentiment analysis is used to calculate each alum's Willingness Score™, and is used in conjunction with Connections Score™, and Discovery Readiness Score™ to better understand the giving opportunities of each prospect.

Convert prospects to donors

Develop cultivation strategies for your prospects and convert them into donors. The personal touch of a gift officer is critical for building the relationships that underpin transformational giving. CueBack’s AI engine provides them with deep insights about their prospects to help build rapport and trust that lasts a lifetime.

Re-optimize models

CueBack’s AI Engine is constantly learning. It continuously uses real-time feedback from ongoing advancement and engagement activities to improve its predictions and insights over time.



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