What We Do

Leverage academic research and cutting-edge technology to maximize your fundraising efforts

Build Your Pipeline

Cost-effectively scale your development operation to identify qualified prospects by uncovering affinities, confirming capacity, and rating the philanthropic intent of each alum.

Cultivate Prospects

Leverage large-scale discovery to develop personalized cultivation strategies that will increase willingness to give.

See the impact

Identify and measure the impact of every moving piece. Optimize your resources accordingly and streamline your fundraising efforts.


Automate your qualification process and spend more time with the right prospects. Use qualitative data to uncover why an alum donates.

  • Automatically gather meaningful qualification data

  • Score both qualitative and quantitative data

  • Speed up your qualification process with AI


Increase your prospect's willingness to give and uncover actionable insights into what emotionally connects them to your institution.

  • Large-scale discovery in seconds

  • Uncover who and what matters to your prospects

  • Learn which prospect's connections may be able to help in the cultivation process

Impact analysis

Analyze the impact each department has on your institution's philanthropic goals. Discover and measure what actually moves the fundraising needle.

  • Optimize your resources

  • Directly impact fundraising

  • Leverage existing digital assets to increase engagement and giving

Culture of philanthropy

Foster a culture of philanthropy at your institution by quantifying how each department impacts giving and how our engagement approach also helps them reach their goals.

  • Combine disparate data sources to impact giving at the institutional level

  • Help admissions, career services, student services, and other departments with their initiatives

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