Donor-Centric Engagement

Align your engagement and giving strategies.

  • Increase ‘Willingness to Give’. Harness content designed to strengthen emotional connection and alumni identity - both of which are proven drivers of giving.
  • Large-Scale Discovery. CueBack has reimagined alumni engagement as a source of actionable insights that Major Gift Officers can use to turn prospects into donors.
  • Break the 90/9/1 Rule. Traditional online communities follow the 90/9/1 Rule, which shows that 90% of users are passive consumers of content (= no insights for Major Gift Officers). CueBack breaks this rule and increases the quantity and quality of insights for cultivation.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making. Combine online and real-world engagement data with capacity and willingness data to optimize resources and maximize giving.
  • Don’t Boil the Ocean. Increase return on effort by focusing engagement efforts on current major gift prospects, prospects likely to become major gift donors in 3-5 years, and the influencers on those two groups.

Alumni Identity

Alumni identity is a proven driver of giving. It is shaped by the people, places and experiences from their time at your institution. Remind all alumni of the impact you had on their life. Learn more

  • Reignite Emotional Connection. Enable your alumni to relive and share the memories that strengthen alumni identity and emotionally bind them to your institution. Learn more
  • Complete the Story. Despite our best efforts, memories fade. Our patented Collaboration feature enables alumni to help each other fill in the missing pieces of their cherished, shared experiences. Learn more
  • Tell it Like it Was. Let your alumni safely share memorable stories from their college days. Give them the option to share the G-rated version with former professors, and the R-rated version with their close friends. Learn more

Nostalgia Works

Meaningful engagement is the foundation of giving. Nostalgia is a powerful and effective tool for driving engagement.

  • Bring Your Archives to Life. Transform your institutional digital archives into an engagement powerhouse by connecting your alumni to the people, places, traditions, and experiences that shaped their lives—and their alumni identity. Learn more
  • Provide Contextual Cues. Leverage hundreds of CueBack’s preloaded memory cuesTM to give your alumni a blast from their past.
  • Travel Back in Time. Transport your alumni back to their college years by showing them a personalized, context-rich timeline. Learn more
  • Elicit Authentic Stories. CueBack’s personalized prompts foster content expansion by encouraging alumni to write about their meaningful experiences.

Lifelong Asset For Alumni

Authentic stories are the currency of your alumni community.

  • Shape the Content. Elicit specific advice and trusted information about career changes, job search, and life. Learn more
  • Build a Powerful Asset. Go beyond disposable social media content by tapping into the collective experience and wisdom of your entire alumni network. Create a repository of authentic alumni stories, knowledge and advice. Learn more
  • Demonstrate Lifelong Value. Enable your alumni to benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of their alumni network throughout their life. Learn more
  • Assist Multiple Stakeholders. Use custom memory prompts to elicit authentic alumni stories for your advancement, recruiting, athletics, and career services stakeholders. Learn more

Missing Alumni Can’t Contribute

On average, 10% of alumni data becomes inaccurate every year. We make sure that your data is up-to-date to ensure continued engagement.

  • Find Lost Alumni. How many of your alumni are out-of-touch? Increase your pool of reachable alumni by unleashing the power of crowdsourcing. Leverage your existing alumni network to improve the completeness and accuracy of your constituent database. Learn more
  • Uncover High Value Contributors. Your older alumni have the greatest potential to contribute to brand equity through internships, jobs, mentoring, career and life advice. These older alumni are more likely to be lost because they graduated in the pre-digital era.
  • Update Constituent Data. Have confidence that your data is always complete and up-to-date. Your CRM is automatically updated with affinity, contact, and other information when alumni edit their profiles.