How to Maximize Alumni Giving With Minimal Effort

Alumni directors have spent decades trying to unlock what exactly it is that makes their donors tick—that is, why some people are willing to give back to their


How to Motivate Alumni to Give

Learn how to encourage philanthropic behavior in your alumni and meet Advancement goals.


The Key to Successful Fundraising: Give Before You Ask

Change your alumni's attitudes towards giving by providing value before you ask.


6 Ways to Attract and Retain Major Gift Officers

Major gift officers are the key to successful fundraising, but they're often in short supply. So how can your university attract and retain a talented team?


How The 2017 Tax Reforms Impact University Donations

How do the 2017 tax reforms affect alumni giving? Learn how to modify your university's fundraising plans to match any financial landscape.


Understanding Your Alumni: The Key to Giving

Harness alumni identity and fully understand what your alumni connect with the most.


How to Achieve Better Giving Days

Giving Days can help your university raise millions. Read more to find out how to create a day both your alumni and your university will value!


Why Email Still Works for Alumni Relations & Development

Millennials don't use email: myth or fact? Read more to find out how old-fashioned marketing can help with Alumni Relations and Development.


Storytelling In Advancement Matters

Powerful narratives may be the key to meaningfully engaging your alumni. Find out how to implement them into your fundraising strategy.


Need Alumni to Donate ? Ask the Baby Boomers

Not all alumni have the same capacity to donate—so don't treat them the same way. Baby Boomers may be your university's donation powerhouse.

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